Saint Magdalene of Canossa

Saint Magdalene of Canossa


紀念日 / Memorial date



April 10

Saint Magdalene of Canossa

Saint Magdalene of Canossa




Memorial Date:

April 10












Saint Magdalene of Canossa

Foundress of the Canossian Sisters. Magdalene of Canossa was born into a noble and wealthy family in Verona, Italy on March 1, 1774. She believed deeply in the love of Jesus and felt she was sent by the Holy Spirit to those most in need.

During her early childhood Magdalene experienced deep suffering. At the age of five her father died in a geological expedition and her mother remarried and left the Canossa Palace and her children behind when Magdalene was seven years of age. In the absence of parental affection Magdalene turned to Mother Mary for consolation.

Magdalene’s growing years were marked by suffering and trials. She lived in a society of contrasts between the very rich and those living extreme poverty caused by the wars in Europe. The society she grew up in was forgetful of God and dominated by arrogance and privileges.

During the revolutionary upheaval, Magdalene of Canossa devoted herself entirely to children, youth and women who had to reckon with economic as well as moral, spiritual, intellectual and family poverty.

In 1808 Magdalene left the Canossa Palace and with some companions, served in the poverty-stricken district of San Zeno. Magdalene called her companions “Daughters of Charity” because their task was to reveal God’s love to humanity. Her vision was to go anywhere and do anything so that Jesus would be known and loved.

Today the Daughters of Charity living the spirit of Magdalene are present in 35 countries around the world and the “Canossian family” includes the Canossian Sons of Charity (priests/brothers), the Secular Missionaries of St. Magdalene and the Association of the Lay Canossians.

Magdalene died on April 10, 1835 in Verona.

On October 2, 1988 Pope John Paul II proclaimed Magdalene “Saint”, a prophet of Charity. 


O God, Father of goodness, 

you revealed your love to the humble and to the children, 

by raising in your Church, 

Saint Magdalene of Canossa

to be the servant of the poor, 

grant that we may seek you above all things 

and serve the poor and the little ones 

in the true spirit of charity and humility.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.