Saint Joan of Arc

Saint Joan of Arc


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May 30

Saint Joan of Arc

Saint Joan of Arc




Memorial Date:

May 30


貞德的時代,正是英法百年戰爭的時期。公元 1412年1月6日,貞德誕生在法國東部一個農民家庭。這家受的教育雖不多,但卻有堅固的信仰。貞德自幼愛好念經祈禱,勤領聖體。她侍候病人,招待貧苦旅客食宿,是個很乖巧的孩子,全村的人都喜歡她。



從 13 歲起,貞德便在神視中看見聖瑪加利大、聖加大肋納和聖彌額爾總領天使向她顯現。

15 世紀初,英國控制了屬於今日法國的大部分地區。在神視中,這些聖者告訴她要尋找真正的法國國王,幫助他取回王位。她抵抗這個呼召三年多後,最終還是去尋找查理七世,將她的神視告訴了他。她高舉寫著「耶穌、瑪利亞」的旗幟,帶領軍隊贏得一場又一場的勝仗,並在戰爭中受了重傷。她從1429 年 2 月 23 日到1430 年 5 月 23 日贏得的勝利,使查理七世終於登上王位。

其後親英陣營的人將她俘虜,以 10,000 法郎賣給英國人。英格蘭的支持者博韋教區科雄主教舉行宗教法庭審判她,判她犯了異端和行巫術罪,以火刑將她燒死。1456 年,她的案件獲得重審,教廷宣告她無罪(遲了 23 年的判決)。


臨死前夕,聖女請神父為她辦告解,及領了聖體。1431年5月30日,聖女被解往刑場。她在刑場鎮靜而勇敢,使人們見了,感動得流下淚來。最後聖女把生命交托在上主手中,被火燒死了。聖女去世時,還不滿20歲。她於1920 年 5 月 16 日獲教宗本篤十五世冊封為聖品。



Saint Joan of Arc, Virgin

Joan was born to a peasant family in France in the early 15th century.

From a young age she heard the voices of St. Michael, St. Catherine, and St. Margaret speaking to her. Then, in 1428, she received a vision telling her to go to the King of France and help him reconquer his kingdom from the invading forces of England and Burgundy.

Overcoming opposition and convincing members of the court and of the Church, she was given a small army. She charged into battle bearing a banner which bore the names “Jesus” and “Mary” as well as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

Due to her leadership and trust in God, she was able to raise the siege of Orleans in 1429. Joan and her army went on to win a series of battles. Because of her efforts, the king was able to enter Rheims. He was crowned with Joan at his side.

Eventually, Joan was captured by the forces of Burgundy in May of 1430. When her own king and army did nothing to save her, she was sold to the English. She was imprisoned for a time and then put on trial. Bishop Peter Cauchon of Beauvais presided over her trial. His hope was that in being harsh with Joan, the English would help him become archbishop.

Joan was condemned to death on counts of heresy, witchcraft, and adultery. On May 30, 1431, she was burned at the stake in Rouen, France. She was 19 years old.

Thirty years after her death, her case was retried and she was exonerated. In 1920, she was canonized by Pope Benedict XV.


O God, you have chosen Saint Joan of Arc
to defend her country against the invading enemy.
Through her intercession,
grant that we may work for justice and live in peace.
We pray through Jesus Christ, your son,
living and reigning with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God forever and ever. Amen.

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