Blessed Gabriele Maria Allegra

Blessed Gabriele Maria Allegra


紀念日 / Memorial date



January 26 (Hong Kong: January 30)

Blessed Gabriele Maria Allegra

Blessed Gabriele Maria Allegra




Memorial Date:

January 26 (Hong Kong: January 30)









Blessed Gabriele Maria Allegra

Bl. Gabriele Maria Allegra was born on 26 December 1907 to an Italian family in Sicily as an eldest son. He joined the Franciscans. He was ordained a priest in 1930. He first came to China in 1931 to study Chinese in Hunan (south-central part of China), which was in pursuit of his aspiration to translate the Bible into Chinese.

He re-entered China in 1941, after 2 years of medical care back in Italy and he persisted on the translation work during these periods.

He moved to Hong Kong in 1948 and continued with his work on the translation. The first completed version of the translated Catholic Chinese Bible was printed in 1968 in Hong Kong and greater China. This has led to him being known as the “St. Jerome of China.”

Fr. Allegra not only founded the Franciscan Biblical Institute. In a prophetic way, he also founded a Sociological Study Centre to spread the social doctrine of the Church. He was a dynamic apostle of the Gospel, as a preacher, confessor, spiritual director, and writer.

Father Allegra passed away on January 26, 1976 in Hong Kong. He was beatified on September 29, 2012 in his home town of Catania in Sicily.


God, Father of light,

you aroused in Blessed Gabriel Maria, priestly friar,

an ardent dedication to the divine Scriptures,

so that the Gospel of your Son could resound to the ends of the earth,

grant us too, through his intercession, to nourish ourselves assiduously with

the Word of life,

and always testify to it in words and deeds.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ your son, 

who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit, 

one God for ever and ever. Amen.